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Spinach & Goat Cheese Egg Muffins

These have to be one of my all-time favourite recipes in terms of versatility and convenience. They take about 5 minutes to prepare and maybe 25 minutes to bake but once you make a big batch (we tend to 24 at a time), they work great for breakfasts and for portable lunches (at home, school or work) for the rest of the week.


  • Eggs; approx 1 medium egg per individual "muffin"
  • Spinach; Plenty! A small handful of leaves per muffin; Kale works great too!
  • Goat's cheese, to taste: We use approx 5-10g per muffin
  • Oil; olive or rice bran recommended


  • Garlic, approx. 1 clove per 8 muffins
  • Ground black pepper, to taste: we like lots with our greens
  • Thyme; to taste; approx 1/2 teaspoon per 8
  • Sundried tomatoes; approx.2 pieces per muffin or small handful per 8; chop smaller
  • Pepper flakes;, to taste: very careful Maybe 1/8 teaspoon per 8 muffins


Start by pre-heating your oven to 170C.

Next bit is very important: very carefully oil up the muffin tray(s) you're using. Do this well: both bottom and sides of each section as these beauties will stick otherwise.

Beat however many eggs you are using in a large bowel. Add pepper and thyme to taste. (If you are making 24 muffins, you can probably get away with less than 24 eggs, especially if they are large ones; 20 is often plenty.)

Add a glug of oil to your pan and if using, a little crushed garlic. Sweat for maybe half a minute. (If using pepper flakes or sundried tomatoes, add now). Next place your washed and drained spincah (or kale) into the pan and move about over a medium heat just until wilted down; perhaps 2 minutes.

Next, divide out your greens as equally as possible into each individual muffin shape. Then pour in the egg mixture into each section to no more than 3/4 full. (You may find it helps to use a jug for this. You can also mix the veggies with the eggs in your jug and fill the muffin shapes once with the combined mixture if you prefer.)

These are usually baked in about 25-30 minutes (check the centre of one has dried). If you've done your oiling properly, they should just slide out of the muffin trays.

Of course these muffins are really delicious fresh and warm but they are also surprisingly good cold also. They make an excellent portable lunch choice (school, work etc.)

They will keep well for at least 5 days or even longer in a fridge so that's a handy breakfast or lunch option for most of the week ahead taken care of. They reheat best in an oven rather than a microwave.

These "muffins" can be frozen but the texture disimproves quite a bit so fridge storage is recommended.

Variations are endless but certainly left over dinner veggies of all sorts can be added: broccoli, potatoes (cut up) etc.