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Cinnamon Scented Banana Pancakes

The phrase "breakfast of champions" is mostly associated with another entirely non-culinary pursuit and we couldn't disagree with the joys of that one ...

But if you actually hungry of a morning and want to eat something (!), this one really is a marvellous start to the day. It's totally gluten free, dairy free, and suitable for just about every diet type. There's no added sugar of course and it keeps you feel till lunchtime. We like to serve ours with LIVE natural yoghurt and berries ... (Cinnamon by the way is one of the miracle spices and helps moderate blood sugar spikes: it's even in some cases of diabetes ..)


  • Eggs; 2 per person, organic ideally,
  • Bananas; 1 each
  • Ground almonds; as you wish; a couple of tablespoons
  • Cinnamon: 1/2 teaspoon or as you wish
  • (Optional) Vannilla Extract: 1 teaspoon or as you wish; (Use the real brown extract not that fake clear stuff!)
  • Coconut oil and/or butter for frying


Into a blender chuck your eggs and banana. Zap. Add a shake of ground almonds. Zap again, Add a pinch of cinnamon and if you wish, a small glug of real vanilla essence. Zap.

Now, the only to know about this recipe is that the "batter" isn't like other batters you might know: it's quite gloopy and needs careful frying. I recommend you use half butter and half coconut oil. Melt those on a LOW HEAT. Pour on the mix and encourage out to the edges of your pan. Cook slowly on a LOW HEAT as this batter has a tendency to burn. You do need to keep a careful eye on these babies. Normally it's done on the first side in 3-4 minutes. It's not always easy to know what's going on on the underside so, until you're used to it, turn before you smell burning! The other thing about these pancakes is that they're really quite tricky to flip; you likely will end up breaking the pancake as you turn it but no worries: just do what you can to colour up the other side a touch.

I like to eat these with a variety of berries and LIVE yoghurt (or goat's milk kefir curds if you're into that kind of thing ...)