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Teenager with "Autism" & "ADHD"

" Two years ago I was given Conor's number when I was at a stage where I thought my last and only option left to me was medication for my darling son who has diagnoses of Autism and ADHD.

Since meeting Conor, who gives a 100% of his time and is completely dedicated to helping my son and myself, he has made a tremendous difference to our lives.

I thank God for having Conor in our lives and highly recommend him as a wonderful nutritionist who dedicates his time to helping my son live up to his full potential. "

Mary, Wicklow,

GERD / reflux; recurrent UTIs; heavy metal toxicity; "SIBO" (bowel disorder)

" I first met Conor Saunders in my local Supervalu in South County Dublin. Conor was demonstrating his new ice cream product, Kefi. We got talking and he informed me he was a Nutritionist. As a mother in my middle 50s I had been struck down by the ME virus many years ago and have had ongoing stomach problems and repeated UT infections and many, many antibiotics. Out of total frustration I needed to do something as my health wasn't improving.

On my first visit to Conor he took down my medical history and he didn't rush our appointment. His first initial thought was that I had Mercury toxicity and he did an hair analysis text which came back positive for mercury overload. I went on a Gluten Free Diet, had all my mercury fillings removed and was put on detox supplements. I am now 10 months without a UT infection and no antibiotics. Conor also weaned me off a drug called Omeprazole which I've been on for over a decade and replaced it with alternative treatments, so far so good, my stomach is great.

I had been unwell for many years with no proper diagnosis, but feel I am on the right track now.

I will continue to see Conor who I've always found very professional and whom you can email or call at any time if you have concerns. He takes great pride in his work and he is always delighted when his patients health improves.

Without hesitation, I'd recommend SmartEaters and Conor Saunders to family and friends "

Patricia, Dublin

Osteoarthritis (severe)

To be honest, I was skeptical that seeing Conor would make any difference to my knees. I am 80 now and my consultant was clear that knee replacement was my only option to end my disabling pain. Even the expensive injections which were supposed to end my pain for a time had made absolutely no difference whatsoever. In the end I was persuaded to try some supplements and a few basic dietary changes recommended by Conor. Out of desperation really!

Well, by even the second week on the regime Conor recommended I was greatly improved. I haven't the slightest intention of having the surgery now. I still get some twinges on bad days (pushing the supermarket trolley never helps) but I'm out and about and much improved. The turnaround has been really quite dramatic.

Catherine, Dublin

Two brothers with "Autism"

" I am the mother of two boys with Autism Spectrum Disorder, aged 6 and 4. Having worked with a different nutritional therapist in the past, I took the boys to Conor Saunders about a year and a half ago. The boys were already following a healthy diet so Conor recommended a couple of minor and gradual changes to that, based on their needs. Having done some testing, he also recommended a protocol which included a variety of supplements for the boys. We started these slowly as we didn't want too much overload on their systems and Conor was very understanding in this regard.

Both boys have made significant gains under Conor's guidance. My older boy's biggest issue was relating to anxiety. His anxiety has significantly decreased and he is happy, has lots of friends and is really thriving. My four-year-old's issues were largely related to speech and communication. He really only had single words when we first met with Conor and didn't talk very often. Now he is constantly and spontaneously naming things, speaking in phrases, letting his needs be known to us verbally, and his non-verbal communication (like eye-contact and shared attention) has improved hugely too. He is much less frustrated and happier in himself as a result.

I have recommended Conor to a number of friends and to parents of other children with Autism as he is not only exceptionally nice to deal with, but he is extremely knowledgeable and very generous with his time. He explains clearly and patiently the reasoning behind his recommendations, often citing the latest relevant research, and provides insights and trustworthy advice, which leads to real results. Further, it is evident from working with Conor that he genuinely cares about his clients and their needs and really goes above and beyond to help"

Shelagh, Co. Wexford.