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SmartEaters is about simplifying the whole area of nutrition for health and getting us each making real positive changes for our collective health and wellbeing.

We've brought together the different pieces necessary to smooth the transition to better health. So whether you're the type to insist on quality research before making any changes, or you simply need a friendly support structure, or you're really after some good pointers on low-fuss, high-health cooking ... Welcome to SmartEaters!

Smart Eaters

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WHF? WTF?!? 3 reasons why the "World's Healthiest Foods" website cannot be trusted

The WHF website, World's Healthiest Foods, is a go-to website for many interested in nutrition. Here we explain why we might all be better to look elsewhere

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CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH: Saturates may be good for us, especially dairy derived ones

Large quality study says all saturated fats not equal: less meat but more cheese for heart health

HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: Pumpkin seed oil as effective as leading antihypertensive medication

Pumpkin seed oil: what a treasure! Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant & now antihypertensive too ...

WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: Meat Eating does not make us fat

New study of older people shows no amount of meat eating in general causes weight gain